Yokatapa Residents Welcomed Peaceful Greetings Of The Habema Soldiers

Cakra101, Intan Jaya- The Raider Infantry Battalion 509/Balawara Yudha Kostrad, is part of the Indonesian Armed Forces Operational Command (KOOPS TNI) HABEMA, which carrying out the mobile security at the border of Indonesia and Papua New Guinea, especially in the Intan Jaya Regency area, Papua Tengah Province. On Saturday, 29 June 2024, the 509 Task Forces carried out routine security patrols in the Yokatapa Village, Sugapa District. During the patrol, the Task Forces had the opportunity to greet the residents who were carrying out their daily activities.

The Commander of the 509 Task Forces, Lt. Col. Dian Dessiawan Setyadi, has emphasized to the Soldiers that efforts to create a safe and peaceful situation in Papua are the top priorities that all Soldiers need to do. Therefore, on that Saturday, the Soldiers on duty in the Yokatapa Village took advantage of their time by greeting the local people they met during the patrol. The purpose of this greeting is to provide calm and peace to the people of Papua.

Foto: Dok Pen Koops Habema

While still prioritizing the security aspect, the Task Forces Patrol Team shook hands and held dialogue with the residents they met. It turned out that this initiative was welcomed by the local people with smiles and invitations for dialogue. Responding to the enthusiasm of the people, the Patrol Team politely communicated with them. Mr. Hengky Kabogoyauw, one of the Yokatapa Village Community Leaders, said to the Patrol Team, “We are safe and calm in communication with the TNI Soldiers. We can convey our problems and get solutions from the TNI.”

“The initiative of the 509 Task Forces to greet residents of the Yokatapa Village during patrols is the TNI’s concern in supporting efforts to accelerate development in the Papua region,” said the HABEMA Commanding General, Brigadier General Lucky Avianto, upon receiving the program report.

MC101 – Pen Koops Habema